Torill Iversen

Torill Iversen

Torill has studied and used NLP for 25 years, and is responsible for the design of Mind Too’s one year NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner educational program. She has comprehensive business experience from leadership and negotiations, both in Norway and abroad. Recently she has concentrated on board membership, NLP training (in USA and Scandinavia), Intuitive Problem Solving for top management and individual coaching.

Torill Iversen has a unique and personal style of teaching. Her experience as a coach/therapist allows her to adapt an organizational message/issue and integrate it in each individual. As the new concept/knowledge becomes a part of you, you will make use of it. People may experience great personal changes, if they so wish.

Torill Iversen is a leader in her field. In addition to her studies within human communication she is a healer and has studied metaphysical topics. In a gentle way she builds a bridge between our practical sense, our intellect and our spiritual dimension. She is extensively co-operating with associates in different fields of knowledge and is associated with the Global NLP Training & Consulting Community (GTC).

Torill Iversen is born in Norway. She started traveling the world at age 11, playing clarinet with the school band. She went to acting school and ballet school from the age of 5. Ballet became the first professional target of her life. Then circumstances lead her into human communication and leadership training. She has studied Psychology at the Universities in Bergen and Oslo, Norway, and Leadership and International business Development at the Technical High school in Trondheim, Norway. She is certified International NLP Trainer, from ITS, London/NLP-University of California. At present taking a Bachelor of science in Healing.

Member of GTC – Global NLP Training & Consulting Community.


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