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Mr. Andrew ‘AJ’ Herkert, M.A.( حاج )

General Partner – Knowledge Consulting
Co-Founder & Agency Vice President – TruScribe
AJ hails from Madison, Wisconsin. He is Executive Vice President and co-founder of TruScribe, a corporate
Media agency which is known to have ushered in a new era of multilateral communications across a wide range of modalities and technologies used in L&D, Marketing, and beyond. Mr. Herkert’s accomplishments in corporate leadership and global business development include over fifteen years of multi-regional commercial go-to-market deployments throughout EMEA and North America. He is known to develop and grow alliances in Marketing, Communications, and Business Development functions serving the C-suite of the Fortune 100+ as strategic supplier for growth partnerships. He is a known frontiersman of the L&D industry. Mr. Herkert is father of two boys, married for over ten years to his wife Geneviève, and is a third-generation Family-business owner and entrepreneur. He spent eight years in Academia and holds a Master of Arts degree in the History of Art  (Kunstgeschichte) from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul Minnesota with a focus on Greco-Roman, Mesoamerican, and Islamicstudies. Mr. Herkert served as Marketing Director on the Board of Association for Talent Development (ATD Seattle, Washington) and was the Vice President of Young Professionals in the Business Marketing Association (Minneapolis, Minnesota) from 2013-2015 before he moved to California. As a global member of the World Scouting Organization since 1992, he earned rank of Eagle in 2003 through BSA Scouts, and is now active in leadership of his local Scouting Council, Glacier’s Edge, where he can be found leading campfire singalongs and serving the Youth, his Community, and the ummah at large.
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Abdallah Aljurf

Abdallah is Leadership Development Consultant. He is the Founder and 1st President of ICF(International Coach Federation) Saudi Arabia Chapter, and Founding member at theSaudi Human Capital Club (SHCC).
Abdallah is equipped with more than 17 years of experience in different HR and management fields, where he served many clients including GE, Oracle, Al-Bilad Bank, Aramco, Samref, National Water Company, Ministry of health, KFUPM, Cristal Global, and others in which he undertook a variety of Training and Development projects. He won the 1st place at the International Speech Contest in Toastmasters International on the level of Saudi Arabia (District 79) for 2 years in a row (2014 and 2015). He takes on assignments as an executive coach, leadership coach, L&D mentor, trainer, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. He is currently a consultant for Talent Management at SIDF after working with STC as a Leadership Training Manager where he led initiatives and programs to develop 1000+ leaders Abdallah was nominated among 50 global leadership coaches for the “Thinkers 50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Award” in 2019. His qualifications; BSc. in Systems Engineering- Industrial Engineering and Operations Research option: KFUPM. Multiple Assessment Profiling System “MAPS” Certified Consultant: HRD Academy- UK. Associate Certified Coach (ACC): International Coaching Federation (ICF). Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP): ATD, formerly known as American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)- USA. Certificate in Training Practice (CTP): “Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development”- CIPD, UK. Certified in Competency Profiling: HR Systems Group- Canada. Certified facilitator for “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People” by Franklin Covey and Birkman Certified Professional.
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Claudia Salazar

Claudia is an ATD Master Trainer and ATD Master Instructional Designer and CEO of Training Investments Co. She has more than 16 years of training experience
specializing in personal and corporate development in topics like T3s, High Impact Presentation skills, Leadership, change management and Assertive Communication among others. Claudia has managed to fuse the teaching methodologies she learned in Germany, and the creativity and variety of learning methodologies acquired in the United States, with the Latin-American recursion and dynamism of her native Colombia. She focuses and be passionate to give her participants a fusion of styles that generates a high remembrance of what they learned in class.She is a contributing author for a soon to be released book titled: Destination Facilitation; A Travel Guide to Training Around the World to be released in 2018 published by ATD.
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David Brown, FCA

David is a Financial Consultant who build Robust Analytic Systems for a worldwide clientele for the last 15 years with dbrownconsulting. He is an ATD Master Trainer and Master Instructional designer
with over 20 + years’ experience in the Talent Development Profession.He Teaches Financial Modelling and Productivity courses.David also Manages one of Nigeria’s largest e-learning platforms www.officetraininghub.comHe has been an International Consultant with the World Bank for the last 7 years and Awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for 4 years running. David comes with value of 20+ years’ experience in training and consulting. He serves on multiple committeesof ICAN, NBCC, IBWU and David has trained more than 20,000 people for free on Analytics and hosts a weeklynewsletter on self-improvement & productivity.
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Deniz Senelt Kalelioglu

Deniz is an international trainer, executive coach, learning & development consultant and founder of ProAkademi international consulting firm. She has designed and delivered training
in over 25 countries, reaching individuals of more than 100 nationalities.She was the first ever Turkish speaker at the ATD International Conference & Exposition in 2007, and has participated eight times as a speaker, once as panelist and invited again as panelist this year. She was also speaker at ATD Asia Pacific Conference 2015 in Taiwan and speaker at ATD Regional Workshop 2016 in Istanbul and in Denmark.She served as head trainer at several International Academies, like European, Norwegian, Russian, Estonian and Austrian Academies, leading diverse trainers’ teams in JCI (Junior Chamber International). She was internationally awarded as ‘Most Outstanding Trainer’ and is certified as the highest trainer level (ITF) International Training Fellow by JCI. She had appointed as the Training Commissioner for Europe by JCI, first Turkish to hold that position in the 100 years history of this international organization, responsible from L&D activities in 40 European countries.  She is also Toastmasters International representative for Turkey and is Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), meaning advanced certification of Communication and Leadership. She is the first Turkish trainer certified as ATD Master Trainer and she also holds ATD Consulting Skills certification.
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Donna Steffey

Donna is adjunct faculty at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. She is an international Master Trainer of master trainers for ATD (Association for Talent Development).
Donna is Co-author and editor of a training anthology published by ATD titled: Destination Facilitation; A Travel Guide to Training Around the World. Donna is a sought-after speaker who helps organizations achieve their desired business results.Donna uses her management and platform experience to educate, inspire, and coach. Donna is extremely passionate about her work as both a face-to-face and online facilitator. Among her many strengths is her engaging approachwith training participants.Donna has taught skills to audiences in 25 countries including China, Africa, Taiwan, Japan, India and throughout Europe and North and South America. Global organizations such asUnderwriters Laboratory, Johnson & Johnson, Saudi Electricity, Phillip Morris South America, and Boeing, have found that after Donna’s workshops people were more self-directed, engaged, and mindful of their responsibilities.
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Hamza Taqi, MPC

Hamza is a Team Coach, a Co-Author, a Master Performance Consultant, an Electrical Engineer who graduated from the US in 1988, and now has more than 28 years of working experience in the private sector in Kuwait
He has excellent exposure to multi-cultural and international brands and businesses. Hamza started to coach, train, and mentor in the Institute of Banking Studies and Arabi Co as early as 1992. His obsession with PEOPLEs’ capabilities enhanced through experience led him to establish a business focused on touching PEOPLEs’ lives to enable them transform businesses.He is a Chartered Marketer, a Professional Member of the CIM UK, Fellow Member of the IBC UK, and a Certified Behavioral Consultant for OTi Singapore. In the Financial sector he has worked with Visa Inc, MasterCard Int,As a Chief Excitement Officer for Knowledge Consulting Co, since 2008, Hamza has dedicated his life to the PEOPLE growth and believing in their capabilities. His passion for transforming mindsets by touching hearts; entitled him with the nickname, “Mr. Excitement”. Putting all these experiences together and partnering with the best in the human development business, Hamza decided to transfer the knowledge he and others possess to the youth. The Association of Talent Development (ATD), USA awarded Hamza with ATD Master Trainer designation on May 2014. He also gained Certifications in many disciplines from the same organization: Business Coach, Consulting, Change Management, and Facilitation in Synchronous Learning. Hamza also is a Certified Master Facilitator for The Fish Philosophy from Chart House, USA. Hamza is also accredited Situational Leadership II Facilitator by Ken Blanchard. He co-authored a book “Facilitation Destination” a guide for global trainers with Donna Steffy, which was recently published by ATD.
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John Wright

John is Career Commercial Banker 1958-present. Retired from Full Time work in 2001. Now Plurally Engaged in a variety of business including Banking.

Khoo Oon Theam

Khoo is the Founder and Executive Chairman of OTi Group, an international management consultancy in Total Organization Renewal, operating in global hubs and networks.
With more than 35 years of experience in the areas of leadership coaching, organization development (capacity strengthening), strategic planning and business processes, Oon Theam has founded, built and guided OTi to become one of the leading and largest local management consultancy operating in the region, providing a holistic approach to organization transformation.He was a recipient of the Ford Foundation, Asia Foundation and United Nations Leadership Development Scholarships. A graduate from the University of Malaya (Singapore) in Social Studies, he also holds a M.S. in Group Work and M.A. in Social Psychology and Organization Behaviour from Northwestern University, USA.One of the pioneers of Organization Development (OD) in Singapore, he founded and directed the Center for Applied Behavioural Science in Singapore and for some years taught Organization Behaviour in the undergraduate and post-graduate programs at the University of Singapore in the Business School and Group Dynamics in the Psychology and Social Work Department. He has also served as the first Director of PA Consulting Group in the Asia-Pacific region. An accomplished consultant, facilitator and coach, Oon Theam has led top management teams in managing corporate cultural transformation and values alignment. He imparts the principles of strategic planning to equip corporate and industrial leaders to assess situations and formulate appropriate strategies. As mentor and coach, he has impacted the lives of top management leadership in personal transformation. He also received the Leader-Mentor Award at the Global Leadership & Mentoring Congress 2003. A Certified International Management Consultant (CMC) and honored as Fellow Certified Management Consultant (FCMC), Oon Theam has been a Project Management Advisor, directing and leading his consulting teams to successfully complete The World Bank and Asian Development Bank projects in the region. He has also directed and project managed key Industry Capability Upgrading projects in Singapore (Travel, Jewellery, Furniture and Security) and other Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Strengthening projects and programs. For this, OTi has won several awards including the recent Human Resources Magazine – HR Vendors of the Year Award 2007 which placed OTi as the Top 5 HR Training Provider of the Year and Top 3 Best Training and Education Provider of the Year (Financial Services Sector). OTi was also recognized by SPRING Singapore in 2001 as its Partner of the Year and awarded the SPRING People Partner Award for leadership in People Developer Consultancy. In August 2008, OTi achieved Work Life Excellence conferred by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower.
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Eng. Khalid AlMazrouei

Khalid is a strategic Planning Consultant. He is Civil Engineer and Project Management Expert with an MBA of General & Strategic Management. He has over 20 years of working experience at the Public Authority
for Applied Education & Training. He held many leadership positions including training at the Construction Institute. He is passionate about design and branding and he trains on Graphic & Emotion Design. He helps people to become Graphic Designers using Adobe illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. He facilitates workshops in Prezi, Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, and Working Environment Development
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Latifa AlSaleh, NLP

Latifa is a graduate of Business Administration from Kuwait University in 1991 majoring in Finance & Banking. Now she is Senior Vice President of Knowledge Consulting Co.
After working for 18 years in the Banking, Retail, and Investment sector.Latifa started her career in AlAhli Bank of Kuwait as a Relationship Officer in the Retail Banking Group. In 1993 she joined Bank of Kuwait and Bahrain as Investment Services Officer. In 1999 she was the Head of Marketing for Credit Rating and Collection Co. Then she became Manager in the Private Banking dept in AlAhli United Bank until Sept 2003. Latifa also worked as a branch manager at Gulf Bank from 2003 to 2005 & manage to start the business of Jabriyah branch from scratch where she established a team and coached them to sell and developing customer relation in this unique area. i.e.residential& commercial with high level of competition due to the long existence of other local banks in the area. In 2005 she became Senior Wealth Manager at PNB Paribas until April 2011 where she had a challenging job to establish a branch of an offshore bank in Kuwait. BNP was the first foreign bank in Kuwait, working on building the brand name of BNP, starting a client base in Kuwait and building portfolio of assets reached$ 100 Mil.Latifa is highly experienced in customer relationship, wealth management and sales. She is now giving back as a facilitator to educate young employees and management drawing on her own wealthy experience in various multinationals. She has certificate from Dale Carnegie Training and has been facilitating sales and customer service programs for financial institutions, telecom and other service providers in the private & public sector. Latifa has been certified as NLP practitioner from the International NLP Trainers Association in UK also Certified as a Fish Facilitator, from Performance Solutions – Netherlands. Latifa is a Certified Professional Trainer byBob Bike Group USA.Latifa undertook a consulting intervention for a client project to develop and coach a team of a renewable energy center.
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Torill Iversen

Torill has studied and used NLP for 25 years, and is responsible for the design of Mind Too’s one year NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner educational program.
She has comprehensive business experience from leadership and negotiations, both in Norway and abroad. Recently she has concentrated on board membership, NLP training (in USA and Scandinavia), Intuitive Problem Solving for top management and individual coaching. Torill Iversen has a unique and personal style of teaching. Her experience as a coach/therapist allows her to adapt an organizational message/issue and integrate it in each individual. As the new concept/knowledge becomes a part of you, you will make use of it. People may experience great personal changes, if they so wish. Torill Iversen is a leader in her field. In addition to her studies within human communication she is a healer and has studied metaphysical topics. In a gentle way she builds a bridge between our practical sense, our intellect and our spiritual dimension. She is extensively co-operating with associates in different fields of knowledge and is associated with the Global NLP Training & Consulting Community (GTC). Torill Iversen is born in Norway. She started traveling the world at age 11, playing clarinet with the school band. She went to acting school and ballet school from the age of 5. Ballet became the first professional target of her life. Then circumstances lead her into human communication and leadership training. She has studied Psychology at the Universities in Bergen and Oslo, Norway, and Leadership and International business Development at the Technical High school in Trondheim, Norway. She is certified International NLP Trainer, from ITS, London/NLP-University of California. At present taking a Bachelor of science in Healing. Member of GTC – Global NLP Training & Consulting Community.
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