Christine Miller

Christine Miller

Christine is an expert in leadership development and change management with over 20 years international experience predominantly in banking and financial services.

Her international industrial management experiences working across disciplines and with post merger integration processes resulted in a deep understanding of different cultures and of implementing change effectively across different mindsets. During this time, Christine recognised there was a gap between leadership understanding of the logical side of business, which underpins the apparently rational architecture of change, and the less well understood emotional state of the business, which results in unplanned outcomes.

Christine founded Kinnoull Partnership after 10 years working in leadership roles within companies.

The primary focus of Kinnoull is to develop leadership capability that can implement change in companies effectively
and efficiently across disciplines, cultures, countries and differential levels of understanding, while minimising
risk and maximising profits.

For the past 15 years Christine has worked with blue chip companies involved in a variety of sectors including transport, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, retail and not-for-profit. However the largest part of her work and experience has been in banking and financial services. Kinnoull works with leaders in the early stages of their business’ development through to main board directors of multinational blue chip organisations.

Christine was born and educated in Scotland. Having been raised in a family business, where her fascination with the creation of things through people began, she obtained an Honours degree at Edinburgh University. Her early career took her to South Africa, Switzerland, London and Paris. Through Kinnoull she has worked in France, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the USA as well as throughout the UK.

Christine has extensively researched the dynamics of the human system and how to leverage them in a purposeful way. Through understanding human dynamics business leaders can affect culture to enable the delivery of desired business goals – an invaluable skill for individual leaders, their teams and their organisations.


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